The aim of the web site is to allow you to find quickly information about us and about our Quality Criteria for Business Schools.

The European Council for Leading Business Schools (ECLBS) is officially registered, private and non-profit association. ECLBS aim to centralize European Business Schools and make an excellence standard to give students and schools better view on how a good business school should be.

The ECLBS is managed by qualified European manager who worked for many years in different Business schools and hold 2 Master’s Degree.

This website of ECLBS replace all prior articles of ECLBS, statutes or any other official documents

The full name of the association is “European Council of Leading Business Schools” and the short name can be “ECLBS”.

Please note that our accrediation is not for the academic quality of the organization, its for the management system (similar to ISO 9000 and EFQM Excellence Model) and after you use our management system we can help you to get ISO certification.

ECLBS' President in few words:

ECLBS President comes from Lucerne - Switzerland, since Apr. 2008 started to work in the educational field in different departments and schools, starting as public relation manager to school vice president until 2011 and after worked as director of sales and marketing in one of the largest educational group in Switzerland with nearly 15000 students per year. He graduated from universities logos on the right side of this website: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, University of Virginia, Manchester Metropolitan University...

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